Roll Trax

Roll Trax offers standard ERP solution, including sales and quoting, post-production planning and build a custom solution unique to your machine shop. The software provides, inventory control, purchasing, as well as basic customer relationship management (CRM) features. Improve performance even more with Production, Costing, Quality, Compliance and Reporting, as well as advanced Inventory, Planning, Scheduling, EDI, capacity planning and scheduling, document management, quality and ISO management, and accounting.

Roll Trax provides a complete range of modules linked between common ERP-systems, brings all business operations into a single simple solution, from estimating to scheduling, purchasing, shipping and even customer management and accounting, with its easy-to-use solution.

Key Features:
Roll Trax's scheduling module eliminates guesswork, while its contact management module helps shops ensure that everyone stays on the same page, from the shop floor to the end client.

Detailed production planning, quality management, machine and process data collection, specification management, reporting and controlling

Planning and Handling:
Specification Management
Workflow Management
Roll Management
Quality Management
Support & Maintenance

PhP, .Net Technologies, My SQL and MS SQL Server, MS SQL Express

Server OS:

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