Business Intelligence

Today most enterprises deploy Business Intelligence (BI) solutions throughout their organization, filtering out the right information required for business analysis from available data. Data from both internal and external sources can be extracted and transformed into actionable knowledge, providing the solid foundation for effective decision making process. BI nowadays is an umbrella term covering data warehousing, OLAP, reporting and data mining.

What We Offer
Digital Design provides end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions, including:

•Design and development services;
•Installation services;
•Integration services;
•Application management services.

We also implement sophisticated ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes that allow you to combine heterogeneous data from multiple sources on the final target database.

Our Advantages
• High level of expertise in development, implementation and maintenance of customized BI solutions, including Data Warehouse, Analytics, Master Data Management solutions.

• Vast experience in managing comprehensive data warehouses and high competency in cost-effective large volume data management.

• We provide product- and vendor-neutral expertise during the initial planning stage of the project.

•Our deep partnership with the leading BI tools providers helps us to continuously develop and solve the most complex issues.

Client Challenges
• Legacy applications and data usage.
• Ability to use third party application that only exposes their services and not the code.
• Lack the ability to handle new applications obtained through mergers and acquisitions.
• Use proprietary technologies as needed in conjunction with the commercial or open source applications

Business Value and Benefits
• Convert your current business functionality into a useful web service rather than doing a complete new implementation.
• Use partners services by accessing their web service or built web service from the scratch.
• Synchronize and easily access all of your internal information such as finance, purchasing, human resources, product introduction.

Our Clients