Cloud Integration

Cloud integration is the process of configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. In a network that incorporates cloud integration, diverse applications communicate either directly or through third-party software. Cloud integration offers the following advantages over older, compartmentalized organizational methods.

Simplify cloud integration with a unified and comprehensive solution to integrate disparate cloud and on-premise applications. Oracle cloud integration leverages Oracle Cloud services as well as components from Oracle’s SOA, BPM, and data integration technologies.

Veritasit also offers a cloud iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution called “Veritasit Cloud Connect” to develop and host integrations between various disparate systems. Built on Java and Java based open source technologies, this platform is a perfect fit for short and longer term needs for customers to build and host their integrations on cloud. Veritasit provides services to build, deploy, monitor, and maintain integrations.

There are numerous ways to successfully implement an effective CRM program. Here are some ideas that will start you thinking about the ways you can create a richer and more truly customer based culture. You can improve, adapt and reform your customer relationship plan by such methods as: o Providing product information and support via a hotline or a website. This would allow customers to better use and understand specific products or services, and get any technical answers they need;

• Cloud based integration platform
• Develop integration once and run always
• Truly multi-tenant
• Open source orchestration tool
• Java and Angular-JS based intuitive UI
• Testing and production facilities
• Easily implement file based integrations
• Ability to make both SOAP and REST web service calls
• Ability to schedule integrations to run on a periodic basis
• Ability to receive emails on Success/Error status of the execution
• Ability to retry error instances
• Ability to view execution statistics
• No customer data is stored in the platform
• Secured data access and credential storage
• Each user can access personal data in real time from any device.
• Each user can access personal data from any location with Internet access.
• Each user can integrate personal data such as calendars and contact lists served by diverse application programs.
• Each user can employ the same logon information (username and password) for all personal applications.
• The system efficiently passes control messages among application programs.
• By avoiding the use of data silos, data integrity is maintained and data conflicts (which can arise from redundancy) are avoided.
• Cloud integration offers scalability to allow for future expansion in terms of the number of users, the number of applications, or both.

In recent years, cloud integration has gained favor among organizations, corporations, and government agencies that implement (Software as a Service), a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to users over the Internet.

Our Cloud Integration Services Help You Maximize Value Of Your Investments! Cloud integration services from Veritasithelp you integrate on-premise and cloud data with ease. We will help you move and utilize data from both the sources so that it gets possible for you to utilize it in various applications as and when required. We promise you comprehensive connectivity support with our integration services, whether we talk of cloud applications on cloud or data exchange.

We at Veritasit have a complete cloud integration model in place, which has all the required services that you would need for a safe and effectual integration:

Integration Analysis: Our team would carry out in depth analysis of applications belonging to multiple categories considering both cloud to cloud and cloud to on- premise platforms. We would then decide on the tools that would be used or the kind of framework required for integration. We will also access impact of the integration on your business so that any glitches could be dealt at the right time.

Pilot Launch: we would do a quick pilot launch to see if the integration is working, if yes we would move to the next stage

Final Implementation:
This is where we build a complete integration system so that the deployment into cloud gets easy Our cloud integration services promise you make your business run faster and smarter.

Companies face an ever-growing challenge of sustenance and competition. Modern day enterprises need to implement a strategic plan, to define its goals, short or long term, how to achieve them - the action plan, and how to excel. IT strategic planning for a company helps it define what it does, who it caters to and how it excels. It charts out what needs to be done in terms of budgeting and IT performance enhancement for a specific period per se 12 months. This planning for existing IT system enhancement and new developments can also be chalked for long-term goals and may extend to 5 years depending on the business needs.

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