Re-Engineering Software

Software reengineering is the process of restructuring existing computer code—change in a computer program's source code that either preserves the behavior of the software, or at least does not modify its conformance to functional requirements.

Software developed many years ago could still play a critical role in the company’s business.

Reengineering improves nonfunctional attributes of the software. It also resolve hidden, dormant, or undiscovered computer bugs or vulnerabilities in the system by simplifying the underlying logic and eliminating unnecessary levels of complexity.

Veritas IT has significant experience in software reengineering and migration, which enables us to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers. Upgradation or migration from obsolete technologies to modern technologies.

Reverse engineering of the solution; it is especially important for the software, which doesn’t have actual documentation.

Reengineering benefits:
1. Maintainability.
It is easier to fix bugs because the source code is easy to read and the intent of its author is easy to grasp.This might be achieved by reducing large monolithic routines into a set of individually concise, well-named, single-purpose methods. It might be achieved by moving a method to a more appropriate class, or by removing misleading comments.

2. Extensibility.
It is easier to extend the capabilities of the application if it uses recognizable design patterns, and it provides some flexibility where none before may have existed.

We use many software editors and IDEs have automated refactoring support. IntelliJ IDEA (for Java) WebStorm (for JavaScript)

Eclipse (for Java, and to a lesser extent, C++, PHP, Ruby and JavaScript) NetBeans (for Java)
JDeveloper (for Java)
Embarcadero Delphi Visual Studio (for .NET and C++)
CodeRush (addon for Visual Studio)
Visual Assist (addon for Visual Studio with refactoring support for C# and C++)
DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit (Implements large-scale refactoring for C, C++, C#, COBOL, Java, PHP and other languages)
Photran (a Fortran plugin for the Eclipse IDE)
Xcode (for C, Objective-C, and Swift)[citation needed]
AppCode (for Objective-C, C and C++)
PyCharm (for Python) Wing IDE (for Python) PyDev (for Python)

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