Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is used by everyone from individuals to private and public organizations, including educational systems and governments. In business, cloud systems are used by organizations of all shapes and sizes, from small businesses to multinational corporations.

Businesses use cloud computing to access information anywhere using any compatible device. Unlike storing information on your computer or a server in your office, cloud computing stores data on the Internet. It works by making information available from a central Web-based hub that gives anyone with proper credentials access from any location with an Internet connection. Cloud computing also syncs data for all devices connected to the cloud, keeping them updated with real-time information.

In the cloud environment, users can access all types of files, use applications as though they were in the office, and even collaborate remotely while working on the same project or presentation on their device as someone on the other side of the globe. Even if you're away from work or your office server is inaccessible, data in the cloud is always up-to-date and always available wherever, whenever.

Cloud-computing services can range from data storage to functional programs, including accounting, customer-service tools and remote desktop hosting.

Cloud is the smart, efficient way to meet increasing business demands. But finding the best way there can be a challenge—so don’t go it alone.

At Veritasit Our complete set of cloud services helps you plan, build, and manage a private or hybrid cloud with your existing multivendor infrastructure. Using industry-accepted best practices and tons of experience, our consultants provide recommendations and technical expertise to:

• Develop a strategic roadmap for cloud adoption.
• Speed integration and adoption of cloud architectures.
• Establish a smart, automated business.

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